Regi Popelier Nature Photography

Regis Eye on Nature

Everything has a beginning. I started in 1986 with a Pentax. Afterwards I upgraded to a Canon 20D digital camera.


It was a good camera and I used it for many years, the digital era began and I invested in more sophisticated equipment. At that time my visits to equatorial countries increased and the need of long lenses became apparent.  This equipment has been usefull in many extreme weather conditions.


Here a summary of my current equipment :




Canon EOS 1DX

Canon EOS Mark IV


Lenses :


24/70 mm 2.8

70/200 mm 2.8

14 mm 2.8

16/35 mm 2.8

300 mm 2.8

600 mm 4

Macro lens 180


Converter :


1.4 TC

2 TC


Statifs :


Gitzo monopod

Gitzo tripod


Manfrotto 3 way

Wimberley ballhead


Software :


Lightroom 5.7

Photoshop CS6